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Technology Forecasting

Technology Forecasting

Tremendous technological progress over the last few decades has significantly changed the way people live. Nowadays, we live in a very fast-paced world in which we witness several disruptive technologies each year. Many of these technologies have reshaped different parts of the industry and the job market, making it important for countries to foresee such changes and readjust their policies and investments plans as fast as possible.

Given the importance of such disruptive technologies, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology restructured its Future Studies Unit to be a National Center for Technology Forecasting that will replace the resolved unit within KACST. This restructuring decision has been embraced by the Board of Directors of. The National Center for Technology Forecasting (NCTF) aims at conducting systematic studies on disruptive technologies and evaluating its risks and investment opportunities.

Scope of NCTF

The scope of the National Center for Technology Forecasting includes the following tasks:

  • Conduct studies on disruptive technologies in strategic areas and evaluate the risks and opportunities associated with them at the national and sectoral levels.
  • Study international experiences in disruptive technologies, and suggest how to benefit from them.
  • Organize and conduct workshops, seminars, and surveys on disruptive technologies.
  • Establish a comprehensive national database for disruptive technologies and technology forecasting.
  • Develop KPIs for technologies and enhance the quality of its data and information in coordination with the stakeholders.
  • Produce and publish reports on technology forecasting.
  • Conduct training in the field of technology forecasting in coordination with the stakeholders.

Deliverables of NCTF

The deliverables of the National Center for Technology Forecasting include:
  • An annual strategic report that presents the most recent disruptive technologies worldwide.
  • Biannual technical reports that present the latests disruptive technologies in specific sectors, e.g., energy, water, ICT, etc..
  • The National Center for Technology Forecasting portal which allow users to learn more about such disruptive technologies.
  • Consultation services for different public and private sectors stakeholders.