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Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

STI Policy

The Royal Decree issued in 1406H directed KACST to propose a national policy for the development of science, technology, and innovation, in addition to developing the necessary strategies and plans to implement this policy. KACST thus began, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Planning, developing the National Policy for Science and Technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The policy was approved by the Council of Ministers in 1423H, to embody the Kingdom’s vision and its fundamental strategic plans, ensuring the continuous sustained developmental efforts to enhance the STI ecosystem activities, all while providing a framework of appropriate priorities, options and policies for each planning phase, building the Saudi knowledge society and knowledge-based economy.

 The strategy of implementing the National Science, Technology, and Innovation Plan consists of setting four five-year plans directed to realize certain strategic objectives:

  • The objectives of the first national plan, which ended in 1435H, was to establish infrastructure for science, technology and innovation in the Kingdom.
  • The objectives of the second national plan, which will end in 1440H, is for the Kingdom to be a pioneer in the field of science, technology and innovation in the region.
  • The objectives of the third national plan, which will end in 1445H, is for the Kingdom to become a leading country in science technology and innovation in Asia.
  • The objectives of the fourth national plan, which will end in 1450H, is for the Kingdom to join developed STI countries and transform to a knowledge-based economy.