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​Science, Technology and Innovation Plans

Science, Technology and Innovation Plans

KACST started the implementation of the first National Plan for Science, Technology, and Innovation (Maarifah 1) in 2007. By the end of the first plan in 2014, it was clear that the plan achieved its main objective in creating the infrastructure of the science, technology and innovation system, and contributed to boosting the Kingdom’s position at the top of the list of ranked countries in the region, helping it assume an advanced position among all Arab countries in science, technology and innovation. In addition, remarkable growth in many global indicators such as number of patents, number of peer reviewed papers, and number of citations, which are considered the main outputs of scientific research, was observed. As a result, the Kingdom leads Arab countries in scientific publications as well as achieving high ranks in the quality of publications.

KACST prepared the second National Plan for Science, Technology, and Innovation (Maarifah 2), which will end in 2020, with the objective of setting the Kingdom to be a pioneer in the field of science, technology and innovation in the region, and to bridge the gap between research and industry in Kingdom. A wide range of national stakeholders as well as global consultants were engaged in the development of Maarifah 2. The second NSTIP plan was restructured during the NTP 2020 labs to be aligned with the objectives of the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030. As a result, KACST’s approved initiatives in the NTP replaced the second National Plan for Science, Technology, and Innovation (Maarifah 2).