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​International Agreements

International Agreements

Joint Committee Meetings

  • The seventh session of the Saudi-South African joint committee, in South Africa, during the period from 5-6/6/1437H.
  • The second session of the Saudi-Belarus joint committee, in Minsk, on 13/8/1437H.
  • The third session of the Saudi -Poland joint committee, in Warsaw, during the period from 9-13/5/ 2016.
  • The ninth session of the Saudi-British joint committee, in Riyadh (Preparatory meeting) on 10/7/1437H.
  • The third session of the Saudi-Portuguese joint committee, in Riyadh, during the period from 17-18/1/1438H.

Participation by the Department of International Cooperation

  • The preparatory meeting of Gulf Week events, on 25/11/1436H.
  • The seventh World Forum of Science, in Hungary, during the period from 22-25/1/1437H.
  • The third session of the Joint Saudi-French Coordinating Committee, in Paris, during March 2016, and attending the preparatory meeting on 15/4/1437H.
  • The high-level Conference on Intellectual Property of Countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt, in the Chinese Capital, Beijing, during the period from 16-17/10//1437H.
  • Representing KACST in the Education Task team, of the Saudi-Turkish Coordination Council.
  • Workshop between KACST and the Swedish research centers, during the period 29-30/1/2016.
  • The meeting of the Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils, at its 37th session, in Kuwait City, during the period from 13-14/12/2016.
  • The meeting of the 1st Arab Leadership Dialogue on Science Advise to Governments, in Amman, Jordan, during the period 14-15/3/1438H.


  • The MoU between KACST and the Beijing University of Chemical Technology signed in Riyadh, on 5/3/1438H, with a view to cooperating in scientific and technical research, in selected areas of common interest.
  • The protocol between KACST and The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey “TÜBİTAK”, signed in Ankara, on 29/12/1437H, with a view to cooperating in areas of natural sciences, industrial research, development and innovation, engineering, technology, medical and health sciences, agricultural sciences as well as social and human sciences-related research.
  • The protocol between KACST and The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, signed in Minsk, on 1/7/2016 AD, to cooperate in order to widely implement the outcomes of joint scientific activities.
  • The agreement on science and technology cooperation between the Government of the Kingdom and the Government of the Republic of Belarus, signed in Minsk, on 11/8/1437H, with a view to cooperating in areas of energy, agricultural and production technologies, medical and pharmaceutical technologies, nanotechnology, biotechnology, information and communication technologies and modern materials.
  • The agreement between KACST and the Saudi Huawei Investment Technology Co., Ltd, signed on 21/1/2016, in order to establish future communication centers for LET and 5G technologies.
  • The agreement between the Government of the Kingdom, represented by KACST, and the Government of China, represented by the Ministry of Science and Technology, signed in Riyadh, dated 9/4/1437H.
  • The MoU between KACST and the China Satellite Navigation Bureau, signed in Riyadh, dated 9/4/1437H, in order to cooperate in the fields of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System.
  • The memorandum of understanding between the Government of the Kingdom and the Government of the republic of Tajikistan, signed in Riyadh, dated 23/3/1437H, in order to enhance, expand and strengthen the exchange and cooperation in science and technology.