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Evaluation of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation

Evaluation of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation

One of the major objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 is for the Kingdom to have a diverse and a prosperous economy. Both knowledge and innovation that are based on scientific R&D have become key necessities to ensure the Kingdom’s transition from natural resources-based economy towards a comprehensive knowledge-based society and economy.

The R&D ecosystem in the Kingdom consists of several components including: the policies and regulations for science, technology, and innovation; the inputs and outputs of key performance indicators (KPIs) related to R&D; and the outcome and the developmental and economical impact of R&D.

It is well-known that KACST plays a critical role in advancing the R&D ecosystem in the Kingdom through:

  • Formulating policies and national plans for STI in the Kingdom.
  • Coordinating national activities in STI in the KSA.
  • Providing support to scientific research and technological development in the Kingdom.
  • Conducting scientific research and technological development.
  • Developing and strengthening cooperation and local, regional, and international partnerships for technology transfer and development.
  • Investing in technology development and its commercial processing.
  • Sponsorship, promoting and investing in intellectual property.
  • Providing advice and innovative solutions.
  • The Board of Directors of KACST has requested, in their first meeting, that KACST should develop monitoring tools and KPIs to evaluate the R&D ecosystem and assess its outcome and impact in the Kingdom. KACST Board of Directors have also requested KACST to submit periodic reports on the performance of the R&D ecosystem to them.