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Technical Logistics Support

Technical Logistics Support

Believing that KACST plays an important role in supporting scientific research in the Kingdom, the International Gateway of the Saudi Academic Network was established this year, by connecting to Internet 2 Academic Network, through the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, one of the largest Internet exchanges in the world, using submarine lines. This was to enable academic and research institutions to communicate with other academic networks around the globe, and to announce the launch of the Saudi Academic Network. In 2016, KACST also added a number of international Internet lines with a total capacity of 8 Gbps, to absorb the increased demand for Internet services, and to double customers’ Internet capacities. Moreover, most of ISU’s network components, in both Riyadh and Jeddah, were upgraded to the latest and more advanced technology, allowing them to carry network traffic of 80 Gbps. A technical team working 24/7 is also available in order to respond quickly to the requirements of the network or to incidents reported by the customers.

KACST has provided accessibility to national and international sources and information systems, which has allowed researchers and information specialists to be able to obtain reliable scientific documents. This has contributed to the promotion of quality scientific research produced for KACST and for the Kingdom. In recognition of the importance of central laboratories and shared basic utilities, KACST has strongly supported advanced research infrastructure, and established and managed the central laboratories and manufacturing workshops. KACST also creates prototypes to promote a collaborative multidisciplinary scientific research culture, and to grant researchers in the Kingdom access to advanced scientific equipments.

KACST provides a large number of highly specialized laboratories equipped with the latest laboratory techniques and high-quality technical experts.

Saudi Academic Network (Ma’een)

Many countries work on organizing and preparing access to scientific research pursuant tools through academic networks

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Saudi Research Base (Qabas) & Scientific Monitoring Department

Core Facilities Initiative

Central laboratories and core facilities have become increasingly important and strategic for research and development institutions