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KACST communicates with the public in order to produce an attractive and encouraging environment for scientists and researchers. KACST aims to provide an environment that nurtures scientists to perform their research, and publish their results. In order to compete on the global stage, KACST publishes a number of international journals in English, detailing scientific and technological trends. In addition, KACST supports the translation of the Arabic edition of Nature Magazine, one of the most prestigious international magazines, and has made it available to universities and to the public in two forms: paper and digital.

In addition, KACST translates and publishes the “Science and Technology for Juniors” magazine for the K-12 students. It also encourages authors and translators to publish scientific books enriching the Arabic and international library, and provides public libraries and specialists with paper copies, along with digital copies accessible on KACST website.

KACST regularly organizes a number of international conferences specialized in advanced technologies. Saudi researchers and leading international scientists meet their counterparts from around the world and facilitate the sharing of international best practices and experience. KACST also holds a number of training courses in various fields.

KACST conducts scientific outreach activities involving society, including the annual Science and Technology Week held in Riyadh and other parts of the Kingdom, to showcase the latest technologies developed by KACST, along with other scientific developments of interest to the Kingdom.

Scientific Publishing

KACST has issued a number of scientific publications targeted to various segments of society


KACST organizes a number of annual events attended by those interested in science and technology

Motivating Young People

KACST recognizes the importance and role of young people in the scientific and technical progress of society in the medium and long term

Digital Production

KACST produces digital scientific content in several ways to reach the largest possible audience, with the aim of spreading knowledge and scientific awareness among society

Social Networks

Social networks are one of the most important sources of information and knowledge these days.

Science Talk

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) strives to spread the scientific culture and achieve the Kingdom's