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Science Talk


King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) strives to spread the scientific culture and achieve the Kingdom's aspirations to build a vibrant knowledge society in accordance with its Vision 2030. In this regard, KACST has adopted and implemented many initiatives, programs and projects that support this vision, including “Science Talk” project. Through this project, KACST aims at providing easy-to-access information using available modern tools and technologies.

About Science Talk

The project provides scientific audio content in Arabic, which contributes to providing valuable information derived from various books, journals and publications issued by KACST.


Leadership and excellence in enriching the scientific audio content in Arabic.


To provide a unique scientific material suitable for all age groups in interesting and easy manner to increase the scientific awareness of the Arab listener.


The project seeks to achieve several objectives, including:

  • Enriching the scientific content of the Arabic audio library.
  • Contributing to building a vibrant knowledge society.
  • Providing a simplified, valuable and high quality scientific material.
  • Highlighting the scientific production of KACST.


The project importance:

  • Trying to replenish the shortage of the scientific audio content in Arabic.
  • Keeping pace with modern technologies and methods to spread the scientific culture among members of the community.
  • Investing time with useful and reliable information.
  • Enabling easy access to the recipient through smart device applications.

Target Audience

The project primarily targets the younger generation and all segments of society, especially people with special needs, namely the blind.

Information Sources

The project relies on KACST's publications, prints and scientific activities in preparing the cultural and scientific content of its audio materials.

To listen to the Arabic audio content: