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Nuclear Science & Applied Physics


KACST aims to achieve technology transfer, and development of nuclear sciences and applied physics, and create a scientific research infrastructure that serves the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.



KACST has several research interests in nuclear technology (and its peaceful usage) and various physics fields. The aim is to localize these technologies and build national expertise that will help to achieve the national strategic plan.

Research activities in this sector focus on executing projects in agriculture, industry, and medicine through specialized personnel in diverse engineering fields, nuclear sciences, and physics. The availability of equipment, advanced scientific laboratories, and expertise, contribute to supporting the ongoing development plan to realize Vision 2030.

This sector also supports the national fundamental requirements of radiation monitoring and measurements; e.g., radiological baseline studies of the environment in areas involved with industrial and mining activities. Another field in this sector is irradiation technology which involves research in improving the properties of materials and products through irradiation, for the benefits of industry, medicine, and food sectors.

One of the fundamental fields in this sector is the technology transfer of nuclear accelerators and radiation detectors through localization, development, manufacturing, and reinforcement of the infrastructure for these technologies.

KACST has recently finished designing the first nuclear research reactor in the Kingdom, which involves participation from Saudi engineers and was done in collaboration with international companies in this field, and has just started the construction activities of the reactor. Such a reactor will help transfer and localize these technologies with the highest level of international nuclear safety and security.