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Defense and Security


KACST has started developing advanced defense and security technologies, in partnership with different institutions, in response to the challenges that the Kingdom faces because of various environmental factors.



The defense and security sector is an important sector in the Kingdom. Thus, KACST, through its National Center for Electronics and Photonics Technology and its National Center for Sensor Technology and Defense Systems, in cooperation with global partners, has invested in all possible competencies to localize the latest global technologies. These efforts have resulted in the transfer and localization and then development of these technologies.

Radar and Electronic Warfare Technologies are considered the main actors in modern surveillance and armament systems, due to their ability to operate in all climatic conditions, their accuracy in sensing surrounding hazards, and their ability to collect information and to identify and disable threat if necessary. Command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance are key technologies in modern defense and security systems. The programmable radios are one of the most advanced technologies in this regard. Laser technologies and their military and security uses are important tools that countries are keen to acquire, along with high-resolution thermal and night imaging techniques.

KACST conducts joint research with leading research institutions in order to achieve the following strategic objectives:

  • Developing high value technology.
  • Constructing an advanced engineering infrastructure.
  • Building national capacities and competencies for the production of modern technologies.
  • Promoting excellence in engineering research, systems engineering, research methods and project management.