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Transportation & Logistics Services


The transportation sector plays a leading role in raising the economic level for many countries around the world. Therefore, it is crucial to develop new mobility and logistics techniques that can increase the competitiveness of the Kingdom in this important sector.



The transportation and logistics services sector is an important market in the Kingdom. According to Solidiance Co. report, the value of the Saudi transportation and logistics services sector was estimated to be 19 billion dollars in 2015. It is considered the biggest market in the gulf region, due to the strength of the Saudi economy and the high population density.

The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 has focused on the continuous development of this crucial sector to promote the country’s status in this field. This will be accomplished by establishing a vision to develop internal transportation networks and planning, and to utilize the Kingdom’s distinguished location and status among other countries in the world, providing a unique logistics platform capable of becoming the main world trade center.

KACST was keen to introduce a special initiative in the National Transformation Program of 2020 to develop and settle transportation and logistics services technology. The initiative attempts to develop comprehensive transportation systems inside the Kingdom’s cities, especially the major cities, to decrease the number of traffic accidents, heavy congestion, and fuel consumption. These objectives will be achieved by establishing advanced and low-cost computer systems. The initiative also aims to provide technical consultations on monitoring operations and logistics services. By studying creative solutions, such as the use of drones for logistics services. The initiative will also focus on developing self-driving trucks, given the total reliance on roads for the transportation of goods in the country, with a continually increasing demand on existing companies.