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Joint Research Center for Desalination Using Renewable Energy


Seawater desalination using renewable energy is considered as one of the promising cost-effective and environment friendly solutions for water shortage in Saudi Arabia.


A cooperation agreement was signed to implement a joint research center for desalination using renewable energy, on 26/2/1438H, between KACST and the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC). The agreement also provides the exchange of statistical information and data needed for research purposes, and cooperation to avoid duplication of efforts in the field of statistical and technical information.

The areas of cooperation in this agreement are focusing on the following topics:

  • Development of highly efficient membranes for desalination and water treatment.
  • Development and localization of desalination techniques using renewable energy technologies.
  • Increasing the efficiency of desalination plants and improving their performance.
  • The joint research center will be operated under a supervisory committee of the two parties with full powers, in accordance with the regulations under preparation for proposing work mechanisms. It also aims to a provide technical and administrative review of proposed research and related budgets.

The projects proposed and agreed by the parties are:

  • The design and development of two desalination plants, one of which is operated by adsorption technology.
  • Establishing a trihybrid desalination plant (NF-MED-RO).
  • The outputs of these projects can be utilized to maximize the implementation of these technologies which is expected to be cheaper than traditional existing technologies and to produce a high quality of drinking water.