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Center of Excellence for Decision Support


Partner: Boeing

In line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 regarding the development of decision support mechanisms in defense and security fields, the Decision Support Center was established at KACST by a strategic partnership with Boeing, to become the national strategic center for supporting decision-makers using modeling, simulation and advanced analytical capabilities.


The Decision Support Center (DSC) aims to provide innovative solutions for the defense, security and civil sectors by achieving the maximum efficiency in conducting studies and developing advanced tools for modeling, simulation and analysis, and by providing a model environment that simulates reality. The beneficiaries can conduct experiments to understand and anticipate the future, and explore options and alternative solutions in a timely manner, in order to reduce potential risks. The DSC performs the following tasks:

Providing the infrastructure and environment to support decision-making by using the latest modeling, simulation and analysis (MS&A) technologies.

Conducting applied research and developing technologies for decision support.

Coordinating scientific conferences and symposiums in the fields of MS&A.

Providing support, consultation and innovative solutions to decision-makers in Saudi Arabia.

Developing MS&A tools for decision support systems and services.

Conducting training workshops in the fields of decision-making support for the defense, security and civil sectors.