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Center of Excellence for Earth and Space Science


Partner: California Institute of Technology - Caltech

Technologies used in the study of space and earth sciences go through an accelerated development stage in this digital era. Therefore, the concept of establishing the Center of Excellence for Earth and Space Science was born to increase the Kingdom’s contribution in the field of space and earth research.


The Center of Excellence for Earth and Space Science is one of the Joint Centers of Excellence Program, newly established in a partnership between KACST and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

This scientific partnership focuses on collaboration between the Department of Geological and Astronomical Studies in Caltech and the Earth and Space Center in the Joint Centers of Excellence Program. The general goal of this center is to develop satellite technologies and use the data to deal with the challenges of studying:

Crust and underground deformities, such as tectonic movements and understanding the changes in sand dunes, and studying flood pools.

Groundwater reservoirs, by understanding the dynamics of these reservoirs and determining of its properties.

This cooperation has opened up possibilities for all researchers at the center and contributed to the facilitation of advanced scientific research and the exploitation of Caltech’s available capacities.