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Electronics and Photonics Technology

About the industry

 Given the importance of Electronics, and Photonics Technology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it has been listed among the technology approved in the National Science  Technology and Innovation Plan, which was approved by the Council of Ministers in 2002, as one of eleven technologies for localization. This strategy is of vital importance to achieve development in the future of Saudi Arabia.

Since the center has been established, its main goals are focused on developing technology in two paths. First, the external path by participating in projects, development, and transfer of technology. Second, the internal path by sharing knowledge and research.

On the other hand, the center has adopted many standards to manage its projects and processes.

The center focuses on three tracks of research:

  • Electronics: Research in the Micro Systems Division (MSD) which covers activities such as: electronic digital boards, analog, and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS). MSD has worked along with technology partners in the field of advanced electronics which has resulted in experienced engineers.
  • Photonics: The Photonics Systems Research is considered one of most important areas in the field of scientific research and technology development. Areas of research in this technology includes laser systems, infra-red imaging sensors, electro optics, etc.
  • Communication: Communication technology is a very rapid moving technology which necessitates a fast pace in conducting research in this area. The center has completed a number of projects in this technology including SDR, data link, etc.

KACST's Role

KACST's role is to support researches of the National Center for Electronics and Photonics Technology’s consistent with its strategic vision to transfer advanced electronics and photonics technologies. KACST has supported the center’s research in various fields, for example: researches related to analyzing, designing encryption algorithms, researches related to analyzing, designing, and developing random numbers generations. KACST has also supported researches related to secure communications and protected data systems, wireless and mobile communications systems researches, self-control systems researches, radar systems researches, thermal imaging researches, optical design researches, Micro-sensors researches, wireless sensors researches, and digital integrated circuits researches.

KACST’s support and guidance has had an effect on the center to develop more experience and talent by working with technology partners that have  advanced experience in those fields.

The KACST’s support is represented on some main categories the most important of them:

Human resources: which mainly focuses on support by required resources in different fields.

Financial: a support center  with required budget that helps  to complete projects and activities.

Logistics: provides tools and important components that are required to accelerate projects' progress.

KACST supports scientific research in all fields. KACST also supports its researchers by encouraging them to attend national and international conferences so that they can benefit from meeting pioneer researchers who specialize in the electronics and photonics, as well as other related fields.