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Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials & Manufacturing (CAMM)


Partner: University of Cambridge

Advanced materials and manufacturing are vital across all industrial sectors. The efficient production of both downstream and upstream petrochemicals depend on advanced materials and manufacturing.



The aim of the KACST-Cambridge University Joint Center of Excellence (JCE-CAMM) is to provide a center for the collaborative research in advanced materials and manufacturing to support the long-term strategic plan of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to develop technology and infrastructure that has a vastly reduced dependence on non-renewable resources. This will be achieved through the exchange of information on current technical initiatives to establish a framework for future collaboration, to transfer technology from Cambridge to Saudi Arabia where appropriate and to coordinate visits between faculty and researchers between KACST and the University of Cambridge. This collaboration in its first phase has achieved numerous successful results, including four patents in LED technology. In addition, several scientific articles have been published in distinctive journals and conferences.

The center is focusing on four technical areas: bulk superconductors, additive manufacturing, water desalination and solar hydrogen fuel generation. The first project is going to develop a bulk superconductivity for energy and heavy metals separation applications. Also in the energy sector, the center is developing novel low cost, high efficiency photo-electrodes and photocatalysts for practical water splitting via solar energy. The other projects are focusing on membrane manufacturing based on carbon nanotubes for water purification and additive manufacturing, which is an innovative manufacturing technology.