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The Joint Center of Integrated Bio-Nanotechnology (JCIN)


Partner: Northwestern University

The Joint Center for Integrated Nanosystem (JCIN) One of the most modern centers set up by the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) for the outstanding research environment provided in collaboration with the most prestigious universities in the world to develop the unique infrastructure. Efforts are underway in the JCIN to enable researchers to compete globally in the field of advanced research, find solutions to any influential problems, and provide advanced training to researchers of different disciplines. JCIN has developed environmentally safe nanoporous crystals for drug delivery and for separating structurally similar petrochemicals and precious metals with high precision in a much greener and cheaper fashion. These representative accomplishments will provide KACST with a unique opportunity to be globally competitive.


Design novel drug delivery systems, based on nano-sized synthetic scaffolds capable of localizing via the EPR effect at tumor sites, for the optical diagnosis and treatment of cancer cells.

Developing of multifunctional nanoparticles using biologically benign and green feedstock that can be used in the concomitant diagnosis and treatment of ailments.

developing lightweight and high-rate performance organic-based active materials.

Control the nano-architecture of supercapacitors for the purpose of building hybrid supercapacitor / battery materials.

developing n-type non-fullerene acceptor materials in organic photovoltaics to further optimize the nano-architecture of solar cell active layers to build highly-efficient organic photovoltaic devices.

developing membrane for desalination, whichexhibits greater durability and antifouling properties.

MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY – Fuel Cells: Designing and synthesizing foldamers as membranes in fuel cells that meet DOE commercialization criteria.

developing the next generation recyclable organ catalysts that will be used to produce valuable small-molecule pharmaceuticals in excellent yields and high enantio selectivity.

POROUS MATERIALS – Sequestration: by developing materials that could enable the harvesting of valuable element resources from sea water.

by developing materials that would enable the harvesting of valuable element resources from sea water.

preparing a functional memory device constructed through the incorporation of poly[n]rotaxanes into solid-state molecular switch tunnel junctions.

MOLECULAR ELECTRONICS – Molecular Logic and Memory A: by preparing a functioning, high-density memory device based on the periodic self-assembly of switchable MIM tunnel junctions in ordered arrays within a MOF scaffold.