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أخبار المدينة

Science & technology ranks fourth on the measurement of transformation to the e-Government

​King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) achieved the fourth rank in the measurement of transformation to the e-government transactions out of 162 government entities, out of which 12 have achieved the level of excellence and improvement, according to the report of e-government transformation measurement program issued lately by the e-Government Program “Yesser” affiliated to Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT).

With this achievement, KACST moved from the enabling stage, at which it was rated at the 5th measurement with accomplishment percentage of 89, 75% to the stage of excellence and improvement with accomplishment percentage of 94, and 84%.

The 6th measurement that composes of four stages, namely: building, enablement and excellence and the integration stage, was designed based on scientific methodology that was prepared a national measurement team of a selection of university professors, research centers and think-tanks guided by the best international experiments in this regard.

The overall achievement percentage for government agencies in the stage of excellence and improvements was 50% distinct achievement and 50% good achievement, while the average percentage of the cumulative achievement of all government agencies in the 5th measurement was 46.62%. As for the 6th measurement the percentage of achievement was 49.81%.

It should be noted that a consultant team from Oracle Company carried out an overall assessment of the components of KACST’s project for electronic transactions from the technical point of view compared with global practices in applications of human and financial resources, supply chain, procurement, customer relations and project management, where Oracle Company rated KACST’s project for electronic transactions as a reference for model application on the kingdom’s level.

It is worth mentioning that KACST is devoted to implementing the vision of the wise leadership of transformation to the e-government, through the best  follow-up of all its affiliated, subsidiary, ancillary entities to use the best e-administrative and transaction  practices. This devotion comes out of its deep understanding that the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia attaches great importance to transformation to  e-Government, due to the enormous benefits of e-Government concepts to the national economy.