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أخبار المدينة

”Science & technology" city spots the light on the dynamics of crowds and safe evacuation

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) recently issued a scientific article on crowd’s dynamics within the series of scientific articles which KACST is quite keen to issue. This article discusses mechanisms of managing crowds and the mathematical equations associated with them as well as the increasing importance of crowd’s management in various areas of transportation, sports events, religious ceremonies, political gatherings, and emergency exits. The article focused on the process of pedestrian traffic management which aims to reduce the duration of transit-time to the possible minimum and avoid accidents caused by panic and stampede in congestion, through better planning of infrastructure in preparation for safe evacuation of congestions and accidents sites. The article also reviewed evacuation models and how to design, them to simulate pedestrian behavior, where pedestrians tend to take the fastest lane, which may not necessarily be the shortest. They also prefer to avoid crowded places and barriers. These properties can be simulated through incorporating the law of number with the Eikonal equation that provide the direction of the shortest lane taking into account the distribution of pedestrians in the place where they are. To learn more about mechanisms of crowds’ control, go through the full article, and more of KACST’s publications, its e-website can be visited via this link