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أخبار المدينة

"Science & Technology" celebrates Discovery (STS-51G) Space mission launching

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) has launched a website on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the giant strides taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in space and aviation crowned by the active role played by HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman as the first Arab Muslim astronaut and the remarkable role of the Saudi scientific team in the shuttle Discovery’s STS-51G space flight along with space successes achieved by the Kingdom in space sciences during the last thirty years. The website is rich with details of the Saudi experiment in space, as it also specifies STS-51G space mission and provides concise presentation of the USA National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in addition to KACST's strenuous efforts and achievements in space sciences. The website also comprises documented visuals of the most important events in the field of space and aviation, one of the most important of which is the recent celebration of NASA of the 30th Anniversary of launching STS-51G space mission in collaboration with Smithsonian Museums, KACST and Saudi Aramco in presence of Prince Sultan, Prince Dr. Turki bin Saud Al-Saud KACST President, members of the Saudi science team for the space mission, Gen. Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator and the majority of mission's astronauts and space engineers. The site has a remarkable feature which is the book “One Planet ... The story of the first Arab Mission to space” written by Prince Sultan, which recounts his experiences as the first Arab astronaut to visit outer space adopting the simplified scientific perspective of documentaries supported by hundreds of photos and illustrations from the space and space-technologies in addition to a review of the history of space exploration along with photographed time sequence of the most important space achievements besides a brief biography of the Prince. The site has allocated a section for the active links of worldwide sites of space science and astronomical discoveries under the title "Knowledge Gateway" that is directed to different age groups, especially students, and young people, as well as those interested in this domain, besides specialized links of the most important events of space exploration and space flights in addition to a list of the most famous lady-astronauts and basics of astronomy. The website also provides links to sites of "NASA", "Hubble" "wiki Sky" " Stellarium "and "How Islamic inventors changed the world", in addition to some of the sites that show the connection of some applied sciences with space sciences. The website also comprehends both a photo library and video library about this mission, achievements of the Kingdom in the field of space, profile of Space Explorers Association, its members, and activities it carries through providing networking opportunities for space professionals and astronauts on international level as well as organizing international discussions on pace flight operations. It is worth noting that the site is full of a wealth of information about space, space-explorations, and the outstanding space events around the world. The website can be visited through the following link: