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أخبار المدينة

Science and Technology organizes a Scientific Forum on using nanotechnology in water treatment

​King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) organizes a symposium on the use of nanotechnology in water treatment on Sunday 10th Ragab, 1437 corresponding to 17th April, 2016 in the conference building at its headquarters at Riyadh.

According to Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Khaime, Supervisor General of the General Directorate of Research Grants stated that the forum includes three lectures, two of which on two scientific papers supported by KACST and whose core revolves around nanotechnology applications in water treatment and its purification from pollutants.

Dr. Khaime highlighted that results of these researches would effectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the national strategy for science and technology related to accomplishing water security, natural resources conservation, protection of the environment and its development, as well as harnessing science and technology, the transfer of advanced technological capacities.

The agenda of the forum comprehends three lectures, the first of which entitled "Nanotechnology and its applications" that would be given by Dr. Zaid Abdullah Al-Othman, while the second lecture entitled "Purification of contaminated water by laser photosynthesis catalysis using semiconductor catalysts” would be given by Dr. Mohammed Qundal. The third lecture comes entitled "Manufacturing titanium dioxide fibers and their stimulus applications for the deposition of heavy metals from aqueous solutions” would be given by Dr. Riyadh Awad Khalaf Al Shawabkeh.
This forum whose activities are going to be kicked off at 8:30, comes within KACST’s strenuous efforts to publicize and widespread outcomes of the research projects it supports and putting them within reach of concerned bodies and decision-makers so as to achieve benefits desired out of these projects. KACST   has called upon experts, specialists and other stakeholders to come and enrich the debate.