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Information services



General Directorate of Information aims to create a research environment that stimulates creativity and innovation through the provision of services and technologies and the means of access to information sources. And the overall management of the information is always facilitating and organizing the provision of electronic sources of information to serve researchers in all parts of the Kingdom.


Achieve leadership in achieving information services specialized in the fields of science and technology and facilitate their utilization.


Create an IT environment that extend the usefulness of the information between researchers base, remove from the research and cognitive skills, including helping them to develop scientific and technological innovation, so as to create the opportunity for them to activate the scientific sense of responsibility and participation in national development processes.


Providing vessels sources of specialized information in the fields of science and technology.
Seek to increase the number of beneficiaries of the information provided by the city services.
Create and develop and modernize the rules of national attribute in scientific fields information.
Study needs to systems and different sources of information. To meet the work in the informational needs of the sector.
Increase cooperation with similar bodies domestically and externally rates.