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Project of quality test of internet connection
The project aims at providing a test service for the internet connections at  international and local levels to ensure providing the required quality and speed according to the international standards. It also aims at detecting and discovering the most common problems of the network. The project is officially completed and many clients have benefited from using the service.

Information Security Operation Center Project
It aims at applying the required security methods and tools on the processes and technologies to ensure protection against all IT threats (internally or externally). It also ensures that the security procedures and policies comply and are continuously updated in line with the international security standards to ensure the business continuity. The project has been completed and manages by now the workflow of all processes.

Proactive Alert Project
It is a joint work between KACST/ISU and its customers, and in collaboration with the Information Security Operation Center, that aims at identifying the sources of internal and external threats at early stages to deal with them avoiding any further harm. The project aims at connecting customers from governmental agencies and universities, and has reached 45% of its goal.

Field Visit Services
KACST/ISU technicians have visited universities and governmental agencies to introduce KACST/ISU internet services and provide a technical support to its customers. During the year of the report, the number of field visits have reached (20) clients. 

Khabar’ Service
KACST/ISU provides an academic news service that contributes to establishing an academic society that is aware of the latest scientific news and activities. The subscriber may access the provided news material through the website or byfollowing Khabar’s Twitter account.

‘Dhaif’ Service
KACST/ISU provides webhosting for the subscribers of the network, where it provides suitable space sizes and an integrated infrastructure of state-of-the-art devices and advanced software programs, information security and connection speed. The number of users of this service has grown by 8% throughout the year of the report which is considered a significant growth rate. 

‘Hefz’ Service
KACST/ISU enables the internet subscribers to save their electronic data and create a backup at KACST, which can be retrieved when needed. This service characteristically offers an information security, speed of data transfer and technical support. The number of authorities that have benefited from this service in the year of the report has increased by 17%.

Email Service
The email service aims at enabling KACST/ISU customers to exchange email messages in a secure and trusted environment, as KACST/ISU hosts the email service entirely. During the previous year, this service has been developed and provided to several ISU customers.

Secured Domain Names System (DNS)
KACST/ISU is considered one of the parties hosting Saudi Arabia Domain Names. During this reporting year, KACST/ISU has secured the communication between different Saudi Arabia Domain Name servers according to the highest security standards, which was done in coordination with the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC)

Cloud services
Cloud computerization is one of the most important, developed, and recent services in the world as an infrastructure of controlled services. It enhances the reliability and quality of the performance for a wide range of managed infrastructure services and applications that were built upon. KACST/ISU has provided servers, applications, and numerous data storage devices required for the cloud services. It has further offered the possibility of choosing the storage’s type based on the customer’s needs in its both branches based in Riyadh and Jeddah cities. Finally, the cloud service has been experienced on a number of customers.  

Security Package Service
A total of security packages have been provided to 16 customers until now that contain the following:

  • Evaluating the security standards applied by the organization and their conformity with the international standards.
  • Examining the gaps and assessing the vulnerabilities of the infrastructure through conducting field visits by the information security team of the Internet Services Unit.
  • Security scanning on electronic websites that belong to governmental institutes and universities.