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​Tarjem, for Academic Translation

​This service provides a translation feature to Web sites or paragraphs inputs

Antivirus Browsing

​​ This service is to protect against viruses coming from Internet browsing,

Dhaif, for webhosting

Dhaif is a web hosting service, which is a type of In​ternet hosting service that allows our customers to make their own website accessible via​


Hefz, for Data Storage

Hefz service is a Storage provided as a Service. It is a business model in which we give data space

Khabar, for Academic News

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) represented by Internet Services Unit (ISU) launched a new service named KHABAR for academic news

Secondary DNS

​Secondary DNS provides redundant name service for a domain that you own


Field Visit Services

KACST/ISU technicians have visited universities and governmental agencies to provide a technical support to its customers.

Email Service

The email service aims at enabling KACST/ISU customers to exchange email messages in a secure and trusted environment.

Secured Domain Names System (DNS)

KACST/ISU is considered one of the parties hosting Saudi Arabia Domain Names.


Cloud services

Cloud computerization is one of the most important, developed, and recent services in the world as an infrastructure of controlled services.

Security Package Service

A total of security packages have been provided to governmental institutes and universities