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Space and Aeronautics


KACST seeks to strengthen the Kingdom’s position in the field of Space and Aeronautics by cooperating with international agencies and centers on establishing advanced infrastructure, transferring technologies, and developing human capital.



Since its establishment in 2000, the Space and Aeronautics Research Institute has been engaged in the localizing of various Space and Aeronautics technologies through its national centers that specialize in aeronautics technology, satellites technology, jet engines technology, astronomy, geodesy and navigation, and remote sensing.

In the field of aeronautics technology, KACST began an industrial technical alliance with the Ukrainian company Antonov and the Saudi Taqnia Aero Co. This alliance aims at transferring technology of use in the aircraft industry through developing, manufacturing and producing the multi-purpose Antonov 132 airplane.

The Satellite Center leads the national strategy of localizing the satellite industry in the Kingdom, by investing in building infrastructure and qualifying local human capital. The center provides end to end solutions starting from its mission requirements and design, to the development of essential satellite systems such as payloads, controls, communications and power systems.

The National Jet Engine Center focuses on the localization of jet engine technologies, including engine capacities, sizes and speed, that are designed according to their future application use.

The National Center for Astronomy seeks to achieve the vision of KACST in conducting research, studies, and in the development of astronomical applications that serve the needs of the Kingdom, such as the determination of lunar months, the study of solar activity and its monitoring, the interference between solar winds and the earth’s magnetic atmosphere, and studies on the impact of magnetic storms on communications, electricity networks and geographic positioning systems.