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Countries all over the world encounter growing environmental challenges caused by increasing populations, accelerating urbanization, industrial, and economic growth. Therefore, it is vital to develop technologies capable of mitigating environmental issues.



The Kingdom recognizes the importance of addressing environmental issues and providing suitable technologies. As a result, environmental technology was included in the Kingdom’s development plan and in the National Science and Technology Strategy as being one of the most important areas for future sustainable development. KACST significantly encourages scientific research related to the environment and its current issues in the Kingdom, through transferring and developing advanced environmental technologies capable of enhancing the country’s competitiveness in the global market.

On a national level, the strategic plan for the environment satisfies the Kingdom’s vision for the environmental technology program that aims at creating sustainable environmental development by making strategic cooperation and partnerships agreements, leading to developing and localizing various advanced environmental technologies. These include air quality monitoring technologies, greenhouse gas mitigation technologies, wastewater remediation and reuse technologies, ground water treatment technologies, and desertification mitigation technologies.

Future environmental technology projects will focus on devising and developing the proper solutions for environmental issues and creating sustainable environmental development through on going and future projects.