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Communication and Information Technology


Communication and Information Technology (CTI) plays a major role in supporting productivity and economic development for many countries. Therefore, KACST is keen on developing advanced CTI technologies in areas that are important to the Saudi market.


CTI is considered an important area and a key motive to enhance productivity and economic growth for many countries. CTI is seen as an enabler for other technologies. As a result, KACST has worked on developing advanced communication and software systems and conducting research in various areas related to CTI. KACST has established lab facilities to conduct research in computing, communication and electronics.

Over the years, KACST has built its capability in the electronics area especially in designing digital and analog chips and also in designing electromechanical systems. KACST is working on designing electronics subsystems used in communication and control systems. Moreover, KACST is working on projects related to optics especially in laser, fiber optics, and thermal imaging applications.

In addition, KACST conducts research and development projects in areas related to computer networks, Internet of Things (IoT), software development and data analytics for different types of data including text, voice and image. It employs for such projects high performance computing facilities. These facilities are also available for users from outside KACST.

KACST has recognized the importance of Big Data application and its role in enhancing the quality of decision making and also in achieving development goals. As a result, KACST has worked on developing  Big Data technologies aiming at building and developing an integrated smart platform for big data analytics. This platform is composed of tools and software for data analytics and it also has applications built to serve the needs of decision makers in various sectors. Additionally, this platform has visualization tools used to communicate the analysis outputs clearly and efficiently.