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Advanced Materials


KACST plays a leading role in many fields related to materials science and its strategies and seeks to transfer modern technologies in this sector and localize them in the Kingdom.



KACST has realized the importance of materials science and its wide and promising applications in all industrial fields. Through the Material Science Research Institute (MRSI), KACST has worked on promoting research and development in many fields related to this sector, equipping laboratories, constructing infrastructure, and developing cooperation with various local and international scientific centers, with the aim of developing new technologies that contribute to the Kingdom’s economy and enhance its competitive position in this sector.

The institute plays a leading role in supporting the advanced materials technology, which links the structure and the composition of the internal material with its properties and uses.

Non-destructive tests were carried out at the MSRI which enabled researchers to identify the structure and characteristics of materials and to investigate the defects within them, so as to be able to improve their properties. This facilitates the development of technology, and the ability of materials and facilities to perform required functions during their service and operation.

The institute also aims to conduct research related to the petroleum and petrochemical industries which depend on the exploitation of natural resources in the Kingdom. It will monitor the progress of refining and petrochemical operations in order to support the industrial infrastructure and enhance self-sufficiency in research and development in the Kingdom. The institute plays a leading role in conducting joint research to find innovative technical solutions in the field of construction technology, that can help meet local and global demand. It also conducts national and applied research in areas where nanotechnology can be employed to develop various sectors such as energy, water, and telecommunications.