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Oil, Gas, and Mining Technology


Oil, gas, and minerals are essential resources for the energy industry and are vital factors for improving the economy in many countries. It is therefore important to develop new technologies for this sector.


Oil, gas, and mining technologies play significant roles in providing sufficient amounts of energy required worldwide. Thus, exploration and production technologies have developed enormously in terms of innovation and manufacturing.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the main oil producer in the world, and contains massive amounts of mineral deposits. The Kingdom relies heavily on oil and gas to produce electricity and for water desalination. Therefore the development of innovative technologies to enhance these processes are of high importance and high value to the Kingdom.

Scientific research in the Kingdom is focusing on certain key sectors and development fields. The National Center for Oil and Gas Technology is carrying out projects focusing on the following: improving oil and gas production; enhancing Earth imaging and exploration: subsurface geophysical modelling, the development of drilling methods, and oil, gas, and mineral explorations.

The National Center for Oil and Gas Technology seeks to reinforce scientific research efforts in the fields of oil, gas, mining explorations, and production, in the Kingdom, and to play a significant role to localize and transfer these technologies in order to ensure sustainable production patterns by making these technologies economically feasible. The center’s interests are combined into five research orientations that can be summarized as:

  • Oil and gas explorations and production.
  • Subsurface geophysical modeling and inversion.
  • Enhanced oil recovery.
  • Reservoir simulation and characterization.
  • Minerals exploration technology.