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Water is one of the most important substances on earth​, especially in the Kingdom where deserts cover a large portion of its area. Hence, it is crucial to develop new technologies that not only deliver pure water but also utilize less energy and resource​.


KACST has great interest in the development of desalination technologies and has also funded several projects that aim at developing water technologies such as osmotic membranes, porous membranes, and ultrafiltration membranes that are used in several water technologies related fields.

Water technologies are divided into several types, such as water desalination, and each has many branches and divisions. Each technique is applied depending on the amount of water to be produced, to the energy needed for operation as well as water quality needed, and several other considerations. Water treatment technologies are considered important for the purpose of removing various contaminants that are harmful to humans, or to agricultural or industrial purposes. Water treatment technologies, on the other hand, are divided into several branches, depending on the required quality of water produced. For example, filtration technologies using organic and inorganic membranes are the most widely used technologies for removing particulates and organics with large molecular weights. Physical and chemical oxidation treatment technologies are also important and can be used for removing harmful chemical compounds in water.

The goals of the National Center for Water Treatment and Desalination Technology at KACST are:

  • Development and localization of water treatment and desalination technologies.
  • Research collaboration with local and international research institutes.
  • Establishment of a database for water treatment and desalination technologies.
  • Development of efficient pilot plants, experimental rigs and technical products for water treatment and desalination.
  • Recruitment of talented scientists and engineers in water technology.