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KACST plays a leading role in the energy sector, focusing on research and development in the field of electric energy generation and its associated systems.


Saudi Arabia is going through a period of population growth and development in various industrial and service sectors leading to a growing demand for energy and its resources. KACST has been actively participating in research and development in the field of power generation, storage and optimal utilization, through the Water and Energy Research Institute. The institute has a group of Saudi specialists and many research laboratories with advanced equipment, all of which has played a major role in providing high value products to meet the growing national energy needs.

Solar energy is one of the most important sources of alternative energy. This has led the Water and Energy Research Institute to conduct many research projects to find innovative technological solutions to produce solar energy with high economic efficiency. The institute’s work also contributes to the optimal utilization of energy resources and to protecting the environment from the consequences of energy use, by developing renewable energy storage technologies, providing energy solutions for remote areas and improving energy technologies to meet the harsh environmental conditions in the Kingdom. The institute also conducts research in the areas of combustion and engines, plasma applications, fuel cells and batteries, and automotive technology. In addition, the institute conducts research in electrical power systems focusing on alternative sources, power conversion and control systems. Further work is done on power electronics which represent the basic tool for advanced electrical measurements, improving voltage stability, increasing the power factor and providing remote control. This leads to the enhancement of traditional and smart electrical networks.

Another pillar of the institute’s work is the research and development of refrigeration and air conditioning systems by improving the basic components of air conditioners in order to increase the efficiency of the electrical energy consumption of these devices.