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About the industry

Biotechnology is the field of science that utilizes the biological processes, organisms, cells and cellular components to develop new and useful techniques for applied and industrial research in various fields. Biotechnology has also an important and essential role in the improvement and development of health care and pharmaceutical industries by providing techniques and new mechanisms for medicines manufacturing, which may contribute to the detection, prevention and treatment of human disease.

Over the past few decades, applied researches in the developed countries have continued to advance considerably the vital techniques in the field of medicine to improve diagnostics and treatment of many diseases. In Agriculture, biotechnology aimed to improve and increase the agricultural production. Environmentally, biotechnology focuses on reducing pollution. Today, the scientific excellence and the progress of civilization of societies are measured by the use of the biotechnology.

King City Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) is aware of the importance of biotechnology at the national level and realizes its vital role in strengthening and advancing the knowledge and the economy of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia. In line with the goals and directions of the national policy for Science and Technology in the KSA, which aims to develop and transfer a number of strategic priorities of modern technologies to achieve comprehensive and sustainable developments, KACST has given special interest to the field of medical, environmental and agricultural biotechnology.

KACST role

Biotechnology at KACST aims to transfer, develop and innovate in modern biotechnology in line with the needs of the economy of Saudi Arabia. KACST also focuses on training locals to use and harness modern technologies to achieve self-adequacy in the future and to reduce the dependency on outside sources of those techniques and outputs. During the past ten years, the biotechnology national program has been building a well-developed infrastructure with high technology specifications and has been training Saudis in the field of modern biotechnology.

The National Center for Biotechnology (NCB) was officially established in 2011. NCB encompasses molecular biology, microbiology, tissue culture, cancer research, pharmaceutical industries and Bioinformatics labs. In the past few years, NCB has developed a great experience in R&D and creativity through scientific research projects and collaboration with the outstanding research centers worldwide, which consequently has led to a growing number of important scientific discoveries and achievements not only at the local level, but on a global level as well. The NCB will continue to promote excellence in the strategic directions of the Kingdom in the field of biotechnology.

The National Center for Biotechnology’s main mission is to conduct applied researches in different lines of biotechnology (medical, environmental and agricultural) as well as to support the scientific research in KACST’s different sectors. In addition, it seeks to enhance collaboration with related governmental agencies, universities, and specialized research inside and outside the Kingdom. NCB also holds annual specialized conferences, seminars, and training courses.