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Solar Energy Technology

About the industry

Sun is considered as one of the main sources of energy on the planet which is converted into varied resources of energy. The solar energy by its two parts; photons and thermals, is the most important source among the used renewable energy sources. As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys vastly different sources of energy specially the solar energy as the kingdom has high solar radiations, the efforts of the National Center for Solar Energy Technology are directed towards the exploitation of solar energy as one of the most important alternatives to oil and gas. Conversion of the solar energy into electricity which is known as Photovoltaics (PV) has been given the largest attention in the research.
The center's activities are focused on the study of sources and applications of solar energy that suit the Kingdom and on conducting the appropriate applied research. The center focuses also on consulting studies related to the solar energy field.
The main objectives of the center are:
• transfer and localization and development of solar energy technology industry in the Kingdom
• Design and implementation of integrated solar power systems
• Research in solar energy advanced science and its  applications
• conducting field experiments to develop the technical feasibility of their use in the Kingdom
• cooperating and collaborating with various local and international scientific bodies
• Building the kingdom road map of transfer and development of the solar energy technology and its applications
• Spreading the awareness of the importance of solar energy and its applications in the community

KACST role

To reach an advanced techniques for the technology of solar energy that provide economically efficient solutions, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) has conducted joint researches with scientists around the world to meet the domestic and global demands.
As the power demand is growing along with the nature of the desert climate, the center has funded studies and scientific researches on solar energy in order to discover economic applications for solar technologies and to find solutions to the challenges facing the sector in the Kingdom. These efforts aim at finding  the requirement of localization and development of high efficiency solar energy technologies.
The strategic goals of the center include: the evolvement of local advanced technologies for the manufacture of PV systems with a reasonable cost , the evolvement of high- performance laboratory models to measure and test the quality of the manufactured and imported cells, the provisions of facilities within KACST  for each strategic project in support of the development of these models, building expert teams in the relevant approved projects, integrating efforts of stakeholders to promote employment, improve the performance of the main institutions involved in the public and private sectors, providing new investment opportunities in the private sector, promoting the role of science and technology in solar  energy sector and development of qualified manpower in this sector, world leaders in strategic technologies and Improved interaction networks between all scientific agencies
KACST also support joint research programs between the Kingdom and international scientific institutions to keep pace with the global scientific development