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Technology Transfer & Localization


Technology Transfer & Localization

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) focuses on conducting applied and development research in 13 strategic sectors. The main objective of these research activities is to address pressing issues in the Kingdom.


applied and development research in several key sectors in the Kingdom (e.g., energy, water, etc.). These research activities will empower the Kingdom, in the long term, to establish and develop competitive national industries and services at a global level, thereby increasing the Kingdom’s self-reliance in these strategic sectors. Based on previous studies and multiple discussions with different stakeholders, KACST has identified 13 key sectors with the objective of enhancing the local content contribution and increasing the value retained in these sectors. The 13 sectors that have been identified by KACST include: energy; water; oil, gas and minerals; advanced materials; health and medicine; ICT; agriculture; building and construction; transportation and logistics; environment; nuclear science and applied physics; space and aeronautics; and defense and security.

In addition, these sectors are divided into three main themes:

  • The first theme - global leadership: this theme includes sectors that the Kingdom has a competitive advantage in, e.g., energy; water; oil, gas and minerals; and advanced materials.
  • The second theme - self-reliance: this theme includes sectors in which the Kingdom is spending large amounts of money, e.g., health and medicine; ICT; agriculture; building and construction; transportation and logistics; environment; and nuclear science and applied physics.
  • The third theme - national security: this theme includes military and national security sectors, e.g., space and aeronautics and defense and security.

Strategic Sectors


KACST plays a leading role in the energy sector, focusing on research and development in the field of electric energy generation and its associated systems


Water is one of the most important substances on earth, especially in the Kingdom where deserts cover a large portion of its area. Hence, it is crucial to develop new technologies that not only deliver 

Oil, Gas, and Mining

Oil, gas, and minerals are essential resources for the energy industry and are vital factors for improving the economy in many countries. It is therefore important to develop new technologies 

Advanced Materials

KACST plays a leading role in many fields related to materials science and its strategies and seeks to transfer modern technologies in this sector and localize them in the Kingdom


The world has faced, during progress and development, many challenges in different fields including the health sector. Scientists and researchers have persevered to find effective 

Communication & Information Technology

Communication and Information Technology (CTI) plays a major role in supporting productivity and economic development for many countries


Agriculture is one of the main pillars of the national economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, the agricultural sector uses about 90% of the total water consumed in the Kingdom

Building and Construction

The building and construction sector is facing new challenges represented by the demand for smart and low-cost buildings with a limited impact on the environment

Transportations & Logistic Services

The transportation sector plays a leading role in raising the economic level for many countries around the world. Therefore, it is crucial to develop new mobility 


Countries all over the world encounter growing environmental challenges caused by increasing populations, accelerating urbanization, industrial, and economic growth. Therefore, it is vital 

Space & Aviation

KACST seeks to strengthen the Kingdom’s position in the field of Space and Aeronautics by cooperating with international agencies and centers on establishing advanced infrastructure

Defense & Security

KACST has started developing advanced defense and security technologies, in partnership with different institutions, in response to the challenges that the Kingdom faces

Nuclear Sciences & Applied Physics

KACST aims to achieve technology transfer, and development of nuclear sciences and applied physics, and create a scientific research