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National Research Partnerships

National Research Partnerships  

KACST has expertise in financing, supporting and managing major research projects in coordination with national institutions and agencies to exchange knowledge in various fields in line with the requirements of development in the Kingdom.


KACST seeks to coordinate with the national institutions and agencies and exchange information and expertise. KACST is a pioneer in research, development and localization of technologies for the Kingdom’s development and production sectors. KACST is cooperating with the relevant authorities to benefit from these technologies and has established several joint research centers in various fields such as energy, water and wildlife. KACST aims to lead the efforts in scientific research in the Kingdom by providing distinguished national researchers, laboratories, and technical infrastructures. One of the main goals for the establishment of joint research centers is to build a knowledge exchange relationship based on the participation of researchers from both parties in joint research and projects, which would help reduce the costs and improve the effective usability of the of the infrastructures. It will also increase the local content, and provide researchers with practical experience in regards to difficulties facing the sectors concerned. The centers aim to:

  • Raise the scientific participation of Saudi research centers in the international forums and publish research results to benefit the largest possible audience.
  • Conduct high-quality research that can have a broad impact on the scientific community.
  • Develop the local research skills for both parties.
  • Provide a distinct environment that can help develop innovation and creativity skills and raise them to meet international standards.
  • Participate in relative scientific workshops and exhibitions, to highlight the efforts made by both parties, and communicate with other sectors.

Saudi Energy Efficiency Center

KACST has expertise in financing, supporting and managing major research projects in coordination with national institutions and agencies 

KACST-SEC Joint R&D Center for the Distribution Sector

On Thursday 14/10/1436 H corresponding to 30/07/2015, an agreement between KACST and the Saudi Electricity Co. was signed to establish 

Joint Research Center for Desalination Using Renewable Energy

Seawater desalination using renewable energy is considered as one of the promising cost-effective 

Joint Center for Wildlife Research

The Arabian Peninsula has a unique biological diversity adapted to harsh environmental conditions. Efforts have focused on developing