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Communication and Information Technology Research Institute


The Communication and Information Technology Research Institute, Communication and Information Technology sector is of the utmost  importance and considered the foremost driver for economic growth, productivity and innovation in many countries. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been keen to develop its expertise and infrastructure in this sector’s technology and applications. Accordingly, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) has embarked on executing several research projects by employing several programs and applications to enforce this strategic direction. The Communication and Information Technologies Research Institute (CITRI) of KACST is involved in several research and development projects related to the design of digital and analog integrated circuit chips and integrated electronic systems, which could be used to develop aeronautical control and electronic systems amongst other applications. CITRI is also active in the area of communications and wireless security through research projects and as well as through the provision of valuable technical support and consultations to numerous Saudi organizations and institutions. The area of photonics also falls  under the specialty of CITRI where a number of applied scientific research projects are conducted in the areas of lasers and optical fibers. CITRI is also working to develop a talented national pool of researchers in the cyber security area. CITRI plays a pioneering role in making KACST the national hub in cyber crime and digital crime evidence research by building a national capability in this area. One of the major missions of the Institute is  to also carry out studies and conduct applied research projects related to  information technology and applied math. The Institute provides expertise, consultation and studies for government agencies, universities and companies in such a way to support their needs in research and technology. The institute also invests valuable efforts in robotics and intelligent systems by carrying out related research projects, developing systems, conducting simulations, carrying out lab experiments and benefiting from local and international highly qualified experts. CITRI is also engaged in working in radar and defense systems to realize the objectives of the national plan for science, technology and innovation and  to also develop advanced technology for electronic warfare and radar, develop prototypes according to the latest international specifications and standards, establish infrastructure and build state of the art labs along with teams of national experts and highly qualified professionals specialized in defense systems, radars and related technologies.


CITRI has five centers:

• National Center for Electronics and Photonics Technology (EPT)

• National Center for Information Security Technology (C4C)

• National Center for Computer Technology and Applied Math (CTAM)

• National Center for Robotic Technology and Intelligent Systems (RTIS)

• National Center for Advanced Sensors and Defense Systems (ASADS)