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Innovation & Industrial


Innovation and Industrial Development Institute

The Innovation and Industrial Development Institute was established in 1435 AH to complete the technical innovation

National Center for Industrial Development​

NCID provide support services for KACST’s projects by assessing the measurement of technology readiness level, providing facilities

​Technology Innovation Centers

The goal of KACST-TIC program is to create a series of university-industry collaborative research centers at the kingdom’s top universities based on


Intellectual Property & Inventors Support Unit

Following the government’s directions to transfer the Kingdom into the stage of knowledge economy, several laws

Saudi Patent Office

KACST’s key mission of protecting industrial property rights lies in applying a system of patents for protecting layout-designs of integrated circuits, plant varieties, and industrial designs


BADIR is a Technology Incubator Program launched by KACST in 2007. The word ‘Badir’ means ‘to initiate’. Badir is a national program aimed at accelerating the growth of emerging technology