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Innovation support

In order to transfer the Kingdom to a Knowledge-based economy, KACST has developed a strategic plan for the development of science, technology and innovation, that serves the objectives of Vision 2030.


Based on KACST’s certainty that technology is one of the important ways to achieve the goals of growth and development that the Kingdom is focusing on in order to transform its national economy into a knowledge-based economy, KACST has developed a strategic plan for the development of science, technology and innovation associated with the 2030 vision, via several programs. These programs will enable the Kingdom to overcome the main challenges it faces, namely a weak innovation system and a lack of local technical content in key sectors, and will boost the “Grants Program for Universities and Research Centers”, one of the national transformation programs (2020). Some of KACST’s programs include:

  • The Saudi Patent Office (SPO) which aims to provide protection for inventions, the layout-designs of integrated circuits, plant varieties and industrial designs in the Kingdom. It works on filing and examining industrial property applications, granting patents and property rights, promoting creativity levels and raising awareness among citizens.
  • The Business Incubators and Accelerators which highlight the efforts of KACST to support innovation and invention through the establishment and development of technology business incubators which will accelerate and grow emerging technical businesses in KSA.
  • The Industrial and Technical Development Support Program which aims to provide the accumulated technical expertise, technical infrastructure, and human resources in the technical and scientific fields as a fundamental aspect for the success of the program. The program works by providing technology development support, small and medium enterprise (SME) support, and technology consultation programs.

Incubators and Accelerators

KACST supports the Kingdom’s efforts to develop entrepreneurship in the field of technology, and provides multiple forms of support to encourage the spirit of technology innovation amongst 

Industrial and Technical Development Support

KACST aims to support innovation and industry in order to enhance and develop technology