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Technology Development

Technology Development

The Technology Development Center at KACST seeks to provide support services throughout the lifecycle of KACST’s projects. These support services begin prior to the approval of any project submitted by researchers in KACST, through a feasibility study of the project, which focuses on the possibility of the project’s success and marketability after completion.

The center also provides a service to identify and study researchers’ patents. This stage is considered very important to determine the scientific outputs that can be registered as patents in order to utilize them by making a patent license or establishing startups from KACST.

One of the most important services offered is the study of TRL for KACST’s projects to determine the level reached by the outputs of KACST’s projects in order to know whether the project has reached an appropriate stage to commercialize its outcomes.

The center also examines the market, in order to determine the optimal way of commercializing either through patent licensing, or by establishing startups.

In addition, it connects KACST’s researchers and research institutes with private sector institutions in order to transform innovative research from KACST’s labs into successful and marketable products.

This process is carried out by a team of professionals in the center, with experience in science and business sectors.

There are many findings in KACST’s laboratories, so once a potential patent application has been identified, a team from the center meets with the researcher to review the patent and disclose all possible applications for intellectual property protection. The team then communicates with industry partners to identify the appropriate areas in which the patent may be of great value. The end result is either patent licensing or the establishment of startups through which the research outcomes of the researcher will be commercialized, where all start-ups from KACST are in cooperation with TAQNIYA.