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Innovation and Industrial Development Institute


The Innovation and Industrial Development Institute was established in 1435 AH to complete the technical innovation cycle in the Kingdom to be in line with the Kingdom’s direction to create a knowledge-based economy and to keep up with the developed industrial countries. In this context, the institute acts as a link between all research activities achieved by research institutes and the industrial sector. The institute's vision is to encourage and support innovation by investing the efforts exerted in applied research and the exceeding of knowledge in KACST, to link the center’s outcomes with the industry and to contribute in fulfilling the industry's requirements. In line with the Institute's vision which is emanating from the strategy of King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology, the institute has set the following objects: 

  • To pioneer in developing the infrastructure of transferring the technology for defining and investing the Intellectual Property and supporting the Saudi inventors. 
  • To encourage technical innovation in industry through active participation, support and cooperation with the industrial and private sectors.
  • To support the technical innovation centers of universities and national research centers.
  • To support the establishment, development and acceleration of the commercial and technical projects with high viability and sustainability through enhancing the incubation industry and supporting the technology entrepreneurship environment.

The institute undertakes various activities to accomplish its objectives and achieve its vision in order to contribute in creating a national economy that is based on knowledge through its four affiliated centers. The first is the Intellectual Property and Inventors Support Unit, which is considered the core of the technology transfer plan. This unit is concerned with managing Intellectual Property and providing related services; thus, serving KACST’s employees of scientists and investigators. The unit also runs the Saudi Inventors Support Program. Meanwhile, the National Center for Industrial Development is concerned with supplementing the Intellectual Property Unit in the field of innovation. In fact, it acts as a link with the industrial sector to provide a channel for conducting investigations and research as well as overcoming various industrial challenges. In addition, the Technical Innovation Centers Program is run by the institute to support all of these centers located in universities and the national research centers. The institute is fully equipped with the technology incubators, accelerators and oases (Badir). Badir is responsible party for encouraging viable and sustainable businesses in the technical field.