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National Center for Industrial Development​


The National Center for Industrial Development (NCID) has devoted great efforts to provide support services for KACST’s projects by assessing the measurement of technology readiness level, providing facilities for prototype manufacturing and linking them with the public and private sectors, eliminating all obstacles facing researchers and interested parties, and working on entering the products into the markets in order to increase the efficiency of KACST’s outcomes.


  • Generate revenue from the national industry.
  • Facilitate cooperation between the industrial and research sectors.
  • Promote industrial investment in research projects.
  • Conduct analysis of the industrial needs.
  • Enhance technology adaptation by the industrial sector.

Services provided by the National Center for Industrial Development

  • Measuring Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of existing and new projects at KACST in order to estimate their readiness for the market.
  • Supporting the prototype manufacturing for scientific research outcomes and private sector by providing an efficient management system between labs and customers.
  • Connecting the public and private sectors with KACST by providing technical and consulting services in the area of KACST’s expertise through the industrial hub.
  • Providing consultations for the industrial sector in order to solve problems and increase the productivity of factories.


  • The local industry 
  • The private sector
  • The public sector