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Industrial and Technical Consultation

Industrial and Technical Consultation

In line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, to be a platform and a roadmap for economic and development work in the Kingdom, KACST has adopted the Industrial and Technical Consultations Initiative, in accordance with the technical consultations in many different fields (e.g., energy, water, health, etc.) that KACST is covering. The aim is to expand the capacity of the national economy and enhance its growth, stability and competitiveness, at a much lower cost than the foreign alternative. The value of technical consultations services on average for governmental and semi-governmental entities is around 500 million riyals a year.

Initiative Objectives:

This initiative aims to utilize Saudi competencies and the technical capabilities in KACST, by providing industrial and technical consultation services in various fields including energy, water, and health. KACST aims to localize technical consultation in Saudi Arabia with this idea.

The initiative was adopted by KACST because it has all the key factors of success such as accumulated technical expertise, technical infrastructure, human capabilities in technical and scientific fields, and equipment and laboratories. Accordingly, this initiative will target governmental and non-governmental entities by providing a range of technical services in return for money. It is based on a Pull System which is based on market requirements and actual need rather than the payment system based on possibility.

Initiative Services

Laboratory services include product testing, analysis and prototyping. The technical consultation services include the use of the civil force to conduct consultations and expertise in more than 12 sectors.

Initiative Success Motivators:

  • Lack of local content in technical consultations.
  • Lack of local technical consultations in the local market.
  • Non-utilization of KACST’s resources in research and development.