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KACST aims to boost technical and industrial innovation by providing support services throughout the lifecycle of KACST’s projects. It helps determine technologies, products and patents with potential commercial value and implements strategies for further development and marketing through interaction with the private sector. The following are some of the important services provided by the Technology Development Center:

  • Developing market feasibility study for each project.
  • Finding opportunities for filing patents on KACST’s research.
  • Estimating technology maturity by assessing technology readiness levels (TRL).
  • Identifying market opportunities for KACST’s projects, patents and products.
  • Developing marketing strategies for KACST’s patents and products by supporting companies and licensing. 

Technology Development

The Technology Development Center at KACST seeks to provide support services throughout the lifecycle of KACST’s projects

Industrial and Technical Consultations

In line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, to be a platform and a roadmap for economic and development work in the Kingdom

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Support

The SMEs Support Initiative aims to provide a range of technical services starting from full technical upgrading of small and medium factories, in order to improve their level