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KACST has drawn up a strategic plan and laid out a long-term vision to develop science, technology and innovation in the Kingdom, in order to provide a blue-print for the transformation of the country’s economy from one dependent on natural resources to one that is knowledge-based. As part of the National Transformation Program, KACST has a number of goals tied to those of Vision 2030. One of its key goals is to upgrade the infrastructure and tools needed to develop the local content, by creating an attractive environment for local and international investors alike, enhancing their confidence in the Saudi economy and increasing the competitiveness of the energy sector. A second goal is to establish value-added emerging technology companies to contribute to increasing the local content by supporting small and medium enterprises, encouraging entrepreneurship and developing the field of Information Technology. The third goal is to strengthen the capabilities of startup companies for them to also contribute to the local content. As part of the National Transformation Program 2020, KACST plans to increase the number of technical startups emerging from incubators with 600 additional companies that will contribute to the provision of 3600 jobs. It also plans to increase the number of emerging technology companies from universities - through the Innovative Companies Program - to 800 companies that will contribute to the provision of 4000 jobs for Saudi youth. KACST is making a major effort to promote the technology incubators industry, in support of emerging technology startups, through its BADIR incubators and accelerators program. BADIR is a national program that attracts innovators, promotes the concept of entrepreneurship and provides support and care for innovators and entrepreneurs. This is to help them transform their ideas into promising technical projects.

Technology Incubators

BADIR program was established in 2007 under the umbrella of KACST. It is a comprehensive national program that seeks to create and develop 

Inventors’ Services Office

The Inventors Services Office was created to provide support and consultations in the field of inventions and patenting to Saudi individuals

Technology Accelerators

BADIR’s first accelerator was launched in 2016 with 7 companies in its first cohort


BADIR established the Saudi Business Incubators Network (SBIN) in 2009 as a guiding body to help and encourage best practices in the Business Incubator Programs