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​​​​​Scientific Communication and Media Activity



The Department aims at being a distinctive management in reinforcing a solid relationship between KACST and relevant authorities, both internally and externally, and making the community acquainted with the center and its scientific and technical achievements


Reinforcing the perception of KACST by internal and external audiences, and building a positive relationship with them, and earning public confidence through providing the right information on the center’s achievements and latest accomplishments in the field of science and technology.


Opening communication channels with the traditional and modern media and creating a special relationship with them, covering all activities and events held by KACST, preparing press releases and reports and providing these news items to the various newspapers, magazines and other media means, highlighting the achievements of KACST in areas of its competence, responding to inquiries of various media means on issues related  to the center’s scope of interest, managing and updating KACST’s website content and responding to inquiries received on the website.

Media Center

The Media Center in KACST has been keen to strengthen the relationship between KACST and the media, open several media channels, build bridges of communication with the media and meet their continuous needs to establish partnerships between them and KACST in several occasions and events. Moreover, various media channels have been deployed to achieve the center’s objectives, including visual, written and audio means, in addition to the modern means and social network which stand as an effective platform and an important channel during the recent years due to their significant influence and the interactivity these means provide that is not available in other traditional channels.