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Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding and Cooperation


KACST has concluded a number of agreements and memorandums of understanding and cooperation as follows:


  • Memorandum of a framework for cooperation in the field of creative economy and society, based on knowledge between the KACST and the Korean Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology and Future Planning, signed in Riyadh on 12/05/1436 H, in order to exchange visions, strategies and policies on the creative economy and the knowledge- based society and to activate the role of innovation centers and emerging companies to achieve the creative economy and knowledge-based society, and to conduct joint research and enhance cooperation between the institutions and companies in both countries
  • Memorandum of Intent between KACST and the Russian Federal Space Agency on the cooperation in the field of exploring and using outer space for peaceful purposes, signed in St. Petersburg on 01/09/1436 H .The Memorandum aims to enhance the continuation and development of further industrial interaction to support the mutual cooperation in scientific and technical areas for exploration and use of space for peaceful purposes.
  • Memorandum of Scientific Cooperation between KACST and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) of the Republic of France to broaden and strengthen scientific exchange  and cooperation, signed in Paris on 07/09/1436 H, in order to establish cooperation related to information and scientific documents, namely through the exchange of publications and scientific journals; organizing conferences or joint seminars to assist in identifying projects of common interest and overseeing the final results of the cooperation achievements through the projects, and organizing and implementation of joint research projects.
  • An agreement between the KACST and the French Company for Naval Construction (DCNS) for cooperation in the field of Naval Research, signed on 30/12/1436 H, in order to establish collaborative research projects, such as navigation and the ability of the submarines to endure the harsh conditions at sea, and the corrosion in warm water environment, and simulation of tidal currents.
  • Memorandum of Understanding with the Korean Institute of Science & Technology Evaluation and Planning, in the field of planning of the activities of scientific and technical programs dated 06/01/1437 H and based on the “Framework Memorandum”. This Memorandum aimed at cooperating in the field of science and technology, planning for the national policy and strategy for innovation in science and technology, feasibility studies based on   anticipations, evaluation of research and development program, research institutes, and the national science and technology observatory and systems.
  • Agreement between Huawei Technical Investment Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd. and Center of Excellence for Wireless Applications (CEWA) in KACST, signed on 10/9/2015, to establish a joint innovation center and supply CEWA with the latest wireless Long Term Evolution (LTE) technologies.