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TAQNIA Industrial Sectors

TAQNIA Industrial Sectors

TAQNIA identified 6 industries to focus all its activities on. These are areas in which the Kingdom can achieve global leadership thanks to its natural resources; and areas of natural security in which it is important for the Kingdom to achieve self-reliance.

Naturally, technologies of special focus are those affecting critical sectors for Saudi Arabia that are characterized by large parts of national investment such as:

  • Life and Health Sciences.
  • Security & Defense Technologies.
  • ICT.

That is seen as an essential sector to enable competitiveness and growth. Self-reliance in these sectors is a national objective. The other technologies of special interest are those where the Kingdom has a competitive advantage such as::

  • Material Science.
  • Energy & Environment.
  • Water Technology.

In order to accelerate the process by which it achieves its mission, vision, and objectives, TAQNIA employed three tracks:

  • TAQNIA Industries.
  • TAQNIA Investments.
  • TAQNIA Services.

TAQNIA’s efforts will be coordinated to maximize synergies to pursue priorities and value added development. The three entities of TAQNIA play essential roles in the transformation of the R&D stream. TAQNIA Industries identify, select, and help develop the suitable candidates. TAQNIA Investments undertake two types of investment support, international and local, intended to transfer technologies to the Kingdom or support early stage start-ups. TAQNIA Services provide the full range of support services the start-up might need such as those required for business development, operations and marketing.

The Kingdom’s strategic technologies are the primary focus of TAQNIA’s development and investment mandate. TAQNIA’s three main entities provide the full needs of commercialization of the selected technologies. TAQNIA is coordinated to maximize synergies as they seek to support the needs of the selected new enterprise as it makes the transition from R&D to a viable sustainable, economic entity.