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Questions about the operation of the network and Internet Technology

Does ISU keep records of Internet users logs?

Yes, ISU maintains records of Internet access and stored them in classified manner and are referenced only in the case of misuse that exceeds the acceptable limit.

How is the reliability of Internet service provided by ISU?

Generally, there is no reliable service 100% due to some other parties could affect the service. However, to reach the highest degree of reliability of the Internet, the unit thus:

ISU has replicated servers in all levels ISU has the latest hardware and software of the most famous global technology companies for its infrastructure.
ISU a high experienced staff with extensive knowledge backed up with a strong counselling partner in Internet services.
ISU has a regular hardware and software development.
24/7 technical support.
In addition to that, soon you will get the unit:

International Cables

ISU is linked to the Internet via six international cables with a total capacity of up to 930 MB

Why do I have slow internet browsing?

Slow browsing depends on several factors:

Line capacity and traffic spee

Congestion in international lines coming to the kingdom

Congestion in the backbone of the Internet outside the Kingdom

ISU Proxy servers

Proxy servers at ISP or Tel. companies

What is a computer virus?

Computer virus is a program written to enter another computer without the knowledge of the user or the owner of that computer. This virus could execute certain tasks, however some viruses are not doing anything other than reincarnation, while others may cause damage or affect the performance of hardware, software, it should not be considered that any virus that is harmless unless it is fully confirmed.

How do I protect my computer out of viruses?

There are simple steps to protect your computer out of viruses:

Make sure you got your anti-virus software up to date.

Do not open any file received via the Internet from unknown sender also do scan the file before opening it.

Try to identify the latest developments in the field of viruses to see if new viruses are discovered.

Who are the hackers?

Hacker is a person who tries to access other computers illegally for several reasons.

Why hackers trying to access my computer?

Common causes are:

  • To demonstrate their abilities.
  • To compromise your privacy.
  • To destroy the information on your computer.
  • To tamper with the computer owners.

How do I protect my computer out of hackers?

There are several precautions can be taken to protect against intrusion:

  • Use password to access your computer.
  • Do not store passwords in the browser software.
  • Keep your anti-virus and browser up to date.
  • Do not leave the computer for public use.
  • Disconnect your computer from the network when not in use.
  • Save backup copies of important files.
  • Verify the reliability of the downloaded software.

When I enter the network, my computer got "scan port". Is there a reason for concern?

Connecting to the network always compromise your computer to risks, however, taking preventive actions mentioned above you can safely connect to the network