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6 International Scientific Journals


As part of its plan to create an ecosystem for the National Science, Technology and Innovation Plan, KACST with its partner, Springer, are launching 6 international scientific journals on six of strategic technologies (Water, Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology, Energy). The first issues appeared in 2011.

The KACST Scientific Journals are the first 100% Open Access journals on their respective topics, both free to read and free to submit for all. Articles published in these journals will therefore benefit from maximum exposure and higher citations.

KACST would be delighted to receive your manuscripts through the websites of the journals.


 1. Applied Water Science

2. Journal of Petroleum Exploration
and Production Technology


 3. Applied Petrochemical Research

 4. Applied Nanoscience

5. 3Biotech

6. Materials for Renewable and
Sustainable Energy