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“Science & Technology Receives a Delegation from IBM


      KACST received in its headquarters in Riyadh today a delegation from IBM Corporation in a visit that targeted knowing about efforts exerted by KACST in fields of conducting and supporting scientific research and boosting its activities on the level of the kingdom besides KACST’s achievements in a number of science and technology fields.

The visiting delegation took a tour in the Petroleum and Petrochemicals Research Institute during which they reviewed number of the institute’s unites. The delegation also knew about some of the scientific achievements of the institute researchers’   such as nano-catalysts to  produce clean fuel free from sulfur, nitrogen and aromatic compounds by using nano-technology besides producing additives to enhance the quality of gasoline and diesel fuels.

IBM delegation then moved to the National Center for Nano-Technology Research where they listened into a detailed explanation of the objectives of the center, its contents of laboratories including the electronic microscopes lab, and the going on researches such as the project of water desalination membranes carried out in collaboration with the global IBM corporation besides the joint project of the solar cells. The delegation also knew about scopes of KACST cooperation with world advanced universities and institutions in this scope.

The delegation visit coincided with the activities of the exhibition of the 4th Science and Technology Week held in KACST so; the delegation toured the exhibition pavilions. In the pavilion of the National Center for Water Research, the delegation viewed models of  nano-metric products that are used to purify water from radioactive elements in addition to nanometric materials that the center produced from local raw materials to purify water from impurities.

The delegation tour included a visit to biology and environment pavilion where they were briefed on research projects executed by research centers for natural resource conversion,  environment management, mapping the Arabian camel genome and the biological database to classify its genetics,  some genetic-engineered foods besides instant measuring units to measure air pollution and equipment to measure noise pollution,