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Atomic Energy Research Institute

Organizational Attachment

KACST Vice-president of Research Institutes

Mission Statement

To employ & develop nuclear technology as to serve agricultural, industrial, health, research, economic, security & preventive development in KSA, taking into consideration the protection of human life & the environment from ionizing radiation


   1.To create a regulatory framework for the objectives, strategy & applications of nuclear technologies in conjunction with relevant authorities in KSA
   2.To protect Man & the environment from the dangers of ionizing radiation
   3.To conduct research in nuclear technology & review its results to evaluate the extent to which set goals were achieved, emphasizing on applied research. Also, to develop needed plans for that purpose & coordinate with related research institutes (inside & outside KACST)
   4.To determine the Kingdom’s needs in nuclear technology experts.
   5.To enhance the nuclear technology knowledge of nationals, publish informative articles on atomic energy & to contribute to scientific media in coordination with the General Administration of Publishing & Scientific Awareness
   6.To attract related scientific expertise to work in the institute
   7.To coordinate with international organizations & Arab agencies of nuclear technology
   8.To provide technical & scientific recommendations to other bodies in the domain of the institute
   9.To provide the appropriate research environment for researchers in atomic energy fields related to the institute’s domain
  10.To propose an HR & work methods development program in the institute in conjunction with the Management Development Administration
  11.To suggest an organization plan for scientific activities falling within the institute’s scope in conjunction with related departments
  12.To submit periodic reports on the institute’s activities
  13.To submit the annual budget proposal of the institute
  14.Any other tasks assigned to the institute within its expertise